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Dance Forever. New dance song.

2010-12-05 19:13:28 by bob6294

First song with vocals. I want to see what people think about it and how everything was put together. If you have any free time then check it out!


2010-09-19 01:44:24 by bob6294

So, here I am again at around 2AM addicted to music making. This song really is one awesome techno song. Check it out when you can!!

The Calling...

2010-05-22 01:12:59 by bob6294

So after much procrastination on schoolwork, AP's, and tons of Starcraft II Beta, here is the result of... whatever it's the result of. "The Calling".
It's a mix of ambient and techno and dance and some video game music added in... So check it out if you're not too busy!

Anyway, hello, all of you who perhaps decided to visit my page! I'm.. somewhat new, but not really... My passion is music! Although many would dislike me for it, I am very much into techno and ambient. I used to hate it too, until I decided to listen to some. xD. Anyway, I would very much appreciate it if any of you would listen to my songs and rate/comment on them! It's very difficult to get music out there and any/every piece of help would be greatly appreciated!