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Just wow.

That was just.... fantastic. Just.... great.
Pretty legit sound quality. I loved it. 5/5 10/10

What the other guy said

Yeah... When I first heard the soundtrack, I felt like I was in a legit movie theater, watching a legit movie preview.
Please do something more than maple story with this.

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Dude, the gameplay on this thing is amazing. A bit difficult, but still amazing.


Pretty nifty game. I like how my computer doesn't die even after I make quite a few of these little circles. Very interesting! Keep it up.


THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL. Just thought you ought to know~

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Now that's just cool.

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Haha. Wow.

This was somewhat... unexpected. Chill, but still dubby. Very nice. You should tell me when this is finished, I'd definitely like to hear the rest of it if there's any more~. I like the feel of it; the title is very fitting, I might add. What sound did you use for the main melody?


I have to say, I can't help but hearing all of the technical work you did here. Beyond just phasing, every sound seems to have a purpose. Everything really adds to the feeling of the song very well. I find that's the hardest thing to do most of the time, to be diverse and creative, yet focused. I don't understand why there aren't more reviews and comments.

What I like the most: technical work, variety, integration of styles. Especially when the drumbeat switches from half to quarter beats. Gives it a lot of calm energy that most songs lack.
One of the background melodies that keep popping up. It's some electric arpeggination that phases in and out. That I feel emphasizes the tone the most.

Improve upon: Not much. You get your point across very well. There are lots of instrument and voices you use, but the melody I feel could change up a bit more sometimes. It's amazing the way it is, but staying on it for too long perhaps isn't overly advisable.
Perhaps you could use a high, loud reverb snare? I feel like there should be something more to make the song pop. I know it's supposed to be chill, but it's just a personal opinion. It sounds a little too well blended, if that's even possible.

Downloaded! Fantastic song. Make more, please~

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